You did everything like you were supposed to... And somehow along the way you lost yourself.

You are finding yourself torn between your desire to not divorce and the yearning you feel inside to discover who you are as a person. And when you look at them, you struggle to remember why you chose them to begin with. You enjoy the security and comforts you have in life, but you would also like to know what it would be like on your own. You find yourself resenting them more and more because you feel they have ignored all your attempts to reconnect with them, but you know deep down you want to be happy with them.

Relationships take work… But it doesn’t have to be HARD work.

I help couples learn how to translate what they are saying into a way their partner will understand. I teach couples the tools they need to improve their connection by having a better understanding of each other’s wants, needs and desires.

You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your family.

 Don’t wait until the resentment has grown out of control.

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