You did everything like you were supposed to... And somehow along the way, your marriage has gradually drifted apart. Or maybe everything was “fine” until someone cheated and now you are struggling to get past the hurt in order to heal?

Divorce and Separation

Maybe you are finding yourself so worried all of the time about your marriage potentially ending? Maybe you had trusted your spouse implicitly and were blissfully unaware that your partner was not happy and ended up having an affair? Maybe you simply feel disconnected and want to get that feeling back you had in the beginning of your relationship?

Relationships take work… But it doesn’t have to be HARD work.

Relationships require so much more than just improved communication skills. It requires a feeling of secure attachment to your partner and an ability to recognize the emotions behind the words said to get to the core of the issue. I teach couples how to understand each other in a way that improves connection with each other allowing for an overall improvement in the relationship.

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