You thought you would never be here again. That last marriage pushed you to your limits and then some. You swore to yourself that you would never open your heart to someone else again.

But, here you are… With relationship baggage from the last time…

So, afraid that this will fail like the one before it. More is on the line now, you have kids to think about, and exes to consider… How are you supposed to juggle all of this? What if our kids don’t get along? What if my partner and my ex can’t get along?

You have a lot of worries on your mind… I get it. Blending families and previous relationship baggage is challenging at best.

I can help you have tough conversations with your new partner about fears, goals, and expectations from this new relationship. I will teach you how to foster an environment for open communication between you and your partner, your ex (if involved), and your children.

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