Congratulations! Deciding to commit your life to one person is pretty intense…

Now that the hard part of asking is done,  all you have to do is plan your wedding and live happily ever after… Right?…

When you start to think about what comes after the dream wedding, do you find yourself starting to panic about how life will be when your sweetie is by your side? Or, are you relying on Hollywood to tell you how things are going to go down?

Relationships don’t have to be HARD! It just takes a little WORK!

Learning each other’s hot button topics and now to navigate disagreements so that it doesn’t cause damage down the road is pretty important. And, I would say that preventative work can save you a LOT of money and heartache down the road… I can teach you how understand your partner’s quirks, what makes them tick, and helps improve your bond overall.

You aren’t going to skimp on the biggest party of your life, so why not invest in the thing you will be celebrating?

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